Tuesday, 12 October 2010

These are few of my favourite songs...

Sound of Silence - this classic from Simon & Garfunkel makes my insides go mushy. I love the composition, the lyric and the voices of Simon & Garfunkel. This song was used beautifully in the movie 'The Graduate' starring Dustin Hoffman - sometime in the late 1960s. Listen to it here!

Dancing in the dark - beautiful number from Bruce Springsteen, The Boss! The video also marked the debut of Courtney Cox, who later became famous as Monica on Friends. When I first heard this song as a 16 year old, I had goosebumps thanks to Springsteen's gravelly voice and his groovy looks. Even today when I hear this song, I go back to that time and feel like a 16 year old all over again. Talk about anchoring! Click here to listen and watch and be transported.

Time of my life - "nobody puts baby in a corner", has become a famous line. Girls swooned when this scene came on and this song that followed was a huge chart buster. I love it, for the energy, the romance and the old world feel. It also signifies - to me - that for the first time, Baby is ready to put her trust fully in Johnny. Great dancing, wonderful singing and an overall great frame. Listen here!

One Last Breath - my friend Tom introduced this song to me and I love it. The energy, the feeling and depth of emotion always sways me. I can't say I have heard anything else from this group called Creed and I am more than happy for listeners / readers of this post to share more. One Last Breath...

Killing me softly - this song has become more popular with today's youth, thanks to a remix by The Fugees. I find the Frank Sinatra infinitely more appealing. There is so much emotion in his version and his voice - yummy! Killing me softly with her song!