Monday, 14 March 2011

Back in Hong Kong

Been back in Hong Kong now for about 8 weeks and dear readers, what can I say! It is awesome! I am seeing an entirely new face of Hong Kong that I had not seen during my previous stay of 3+ years.

Hong Kong consists of 3 large areas namely Hong Kong island, Kowloon island and New Territories. The last of these actually is the older part of Hong Kong, but was brought under British administration the last. Hence the name :-)

We live in the district of Sai Kung, which has verdant green hills on one side and the South China Sea on the other. As one comes up the hill, one gets a magnificent view of the sea dotted with boats of all kinds - old fishing junks, modern sail boats... and all this within a 15 minute bus-ride to "civilisation". The crowds, constant throb of traffic and the massive glass-fronted edifices are but a distant vision. Here one can almost believe that one is in a village and why not! Sai Kung is a group of old fishing villages. 

One of my favourite "things to do" is to get into Sai Kung town on the weekend and watch the fishing boats bring in fresh produce. One can stand on the pier and wait for the fishing boats to come in with fresh produce. The buyer than gets to see a sample up close - a fisherman clambers up to the pier with it - and then make their choices. I am not a meat eater - at the same time it is fascinating! There is an array of fresh and dried sea-food on sale. Various sea-food restaurants line the sea front with massive aquariums and tubs of water - all keeping the sea produce alive and kicking. The pier is alive with people taking strolls, walking their dogs, children on roller blades or bikes, ice cream vendors... absolutely gorgeous and so unlike the Hong Kong that is popular in the media - the Hong Kong of fashion, glitter and high finance. This is where the wheelers-dealers come to rest and recuperate. 

Sai Kung is also perfect for people who like hiking or going on long walks. The country park is amazing with a variety of flora. Snakes apparently abound, though I confess, I am yet to meet one.

So for all those who thought Hong Kong was all about the glitter, the glitz, the glamour and fast life, welcome to Saikung.

Click on these websites to see more of Sai Kung.

Watch this page for more on Sai Kung later, once I get my camera...

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